Raven Bougie Bubble Bar

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Bougie Bubbles No Bottle Bubble Bath

Raven Scent: Floral and Earthy

These Bubble Bars are completely ZERO WASTE! Forget about those ugly commercial bubble baths in plastic bottles. The Bougie Bubble bars are a beautiful addition to your bathroom. 

We use only the best organic ingredients to make these bars. We use 100% pure essential oils to create our signature scents.  

Treat yourself to a bubble bath that is all natural and toxin-free! Your skin will smell amazing and feel even better!

Be Naturally Bougie!

How to use:

Break off a quarter of the bar and crumble under your tub faucet. Then, watch the bubbles grow!

You may use the whole bar if you want to be extra Bougie!! Warning, that will create A LOT of bubbles :-)


Ingredients: All Natural - baking soda, cream of tarter, corn starch, coconut slasa powder, organic activated charcoal, organic sweet almond oil, purified water, organic vegetable glycerine, essential oil blend (rose, sandalwood, vanilla), vegetable cellulose biodegradable glitter, dried rose petals

Customer Reviews

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Just too cool

I've never been a big bubble bath person but this was cool. It turned my bubbles black. I felt like I was bathing in Halloween! It smells sooooo good! Feels like something you would find at the Renaissance festival


OMG I just used one of these bars in my bath tonight. I have NEVER had a better bubble bath! I feel cleansed! The charcoal really makes you feel like all the impurities have left your body!!!!!!

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