Our Green Living Initiative

Here at the Food Circle, it's our goal to protect mother nature as much as possible. 

Going green means eating smart. We are here to help with that! 

Buying from local farmer's and vendors keeps money in the local economy. This fuels the ability to know where you are getting your food from. Most local small farms hand pick their produce. This cuts down on gas consumption and pollution. We are providing a direct connection between you, small farmers and local specialty item business owners while cutting back on the impact on the environment. 

We are reducing grocery bag waste with our packing materials. Most of our materials are  compostable and all are recyclable! We even offer biodegradable coolers. 

It is also best to buy pasture raised meats and dairy when trying to go green. We only offer the most sustainably raised  meat and egg products we can find in the local area. 


Help us protect our Earth by joining our program!