Monthly Membership: How it works

Why become a member?

Agri-Chicks provides a low waste home delivery program of local sustainable produce from farms in your community.
We deliver all of your orders in recyclable or compostable materials. We are a Zero Waste Company. You may return all packaging for us to reuse! It is up to us to work together to better the environment!  We have helped families in the Baltimore and surrounding areas cut their trash back by an astounding 6,000 pounds per month! 


This program is ideal for meal preppers, families and individuals who cook often or if you want to begin a healthier low waste life! 

How it works:

  1. Select the membership size that suits your needs. We offer 4 different sizes!
  2.  Place your first order. (***DUE TO COVID-19 OUTBREAK: All members will receive an assorted selection of product that are selected by us. This will allow us to get fresh foods into more homes in the area during this time of crisis.)
  3. Receive your delivery the following week. 
  4. Return all packaging, bags, glass bottles and glass jars to us for re-use.