Agri-Chicks FAQ's

What is a Food Circle?

It is a monthly membership home delivery service. It is an online Farmers Market where you get to shop local from home.  We are all part of a circle. Buying local means keeping your local community unique. Local produce and foods are better for you, better tasting and just plain BETTER! Our Home delivery program is Zero Waste. We provide little to no packaging. Any packaging materials can be returned to us for re-use!

What Is Included with an Agri-Chicks Monthly Membership?

By joining the monthly membership, you will be able to order local produce and perishables. Only Agri-Chicks members can receive deliveries of local produce and perishable items like meats, dairy and eggs. You choose your order each week. Your selection ranges from local produce, milk, eggs and yogurt. You also receive special pricing on all of our other available products. 

What Types Of Produce Will Be Available?

We work with small farms in your area to provide a variety of produce each week. All produce is local, sustainably grown, Non-GMO and never sprayed. We spend a lot of time getting to know our farmers and their practices prior to collaborating with them. Produce options change each week. All produce items change according to season.


What is the cost of the program?

Your cost will vary depending on the size of the membership you select:

Petite 2 Item: $75.00 month

Small 4 item: $150.00 monthly

Medium 8 item: $256.00 monthly

Large 12 item: $336.00 monthly


Can I order Items In Bulk?

Yes! In most cases there is an even further discount for bulk items. Just send us an email and we will make arrangements that suite your specific needs. 

We also offer Local Wholesale Produce options. We work wholesale clients and customize each order to fit their needs. This option is great for Local Restaurants, Catering Companies, Large Party Orders or families looking to share! Contact Us to set up your wholesale account today!

What is the delivery and shipping charge?

There is no charge for our Monthly Members or Wholesale clients. For those who just want to order items to be shipped but don't want to subscribe to a membership, standard shipping rates will apply.

How do I place my order?

At any time you can go to, log in and click on the "Shop" tab. Then select "Local Produce." Items in this store are included in your membership and are only available to our monthly members. 

If you are ordering for wholesale, you must email us to set up an account and place your order. 

How Will My Items Be Delivered?

When you place your order each week, we will send you a confirmation email. You will receive a delivery the following week. Our delivery days Monday-Wednesday for Monthly Members. You will be notified as soon as your order will be packed and what day it will be delivered. We pack everything on Mondays or Tuesdays. 

    *Delivery schedule will be updated monthly. You will be notified immediately if there is a change in your schedule.  

    We strive to pack things in the most eco-friendly way possible. All of our packaging materials and coolers are biodegradable and recycled.  We will also include unopened frozen water bottles in your bags to keep items fresh. Feel free so keep them and re-freeze or drink!

    Do I need to return my packing items?

    Yes please! We are a Zero Waste company. This means we re-use and recycle EVERYTHING! We pack each order with almost 100% compost friendly packing materials or little to no packaging at all. We do sometimes send sensitive items in recycled clear food grade bags. We also encourage you to find uses for these items in your home. 


     Can I sign up for longer than 1 month at a time? 

    Yes, we offer extended membership options. If you extend your membership you receive $10 off for each month you have signed up for. You must pay the invoice in full to receive this pricing. Contact us to set up your extended membership today!


    What is the Workplace Drop Off Program?

    The Workplace Drop Off Program is a lot of fun! Get your co-workers to join in on the membership with you! We will deliver to your office or other place of business. 5 members are required to sign up to be considered a drop off location. We will give you a unique coupon code that gives everyone at your location with 10% off your membership. We also include a free gift bag of Farmer's Market Favorites with your first order. Once the first delivery is made to your location, we will do a raffle of all of the names of those at your location. One person will win a free membership for the following month!