About Us

Lacey & Elizabeth
Here at Agri-Chicks, we bring the "Farmer's Market Experience" straight to your door!
As veterans of the Farmer's Market world we understand the importance of offering high quality, artisanal, all natural products made by the skilled hands of small business owners.
We have been working together for seven years now farming, participating in farmers markets in Baltimore and the surrounding areas, running a successful CSA program and Farm To Table Restaurant Route, and Outdoor Event Planning. We have worked closely with Farmer's, Local Artisans and Eco-Friendly Businesses throughout our time together and somewhere along the line realized that there is a real need for quality, environmentally friendly and honest products!
Agri-Chicks Food Circle Service
Not everyone has the time and/or knowledge to gather their groceries from trusted eco-friendly sources like farmers markets and we felt that bringing these types of items to our customers customers doors would be an amazing thing! Our goal is to offer convenience and to lift the veil so that people truly have a choice in the products they use on a regular basis. We also understand the needs and struggles of small businesses and farmers because that is who we are. By offering a delivery service for these special products we are helping to connected producers and consumers in a way that benefits both. We are all connected!