Meet the Agri-Chicks

Libby Longendorf and Lacey Lotz are co-founders and operators of Agri-Chicks. 

We began working together a decade ago on Libby's family farm. We ran a successful CSA program, Farm-to-Table event planning and restaurant route. From our roots in the farming world, we strived to become more and more eco-friendly. In 2017, we stumbled across the zero waste movement. We began our zero waste campaign in our own homes and then transitioned to make it our new business goal.

We have been making our own natural cleaning and body products for our families for years. After some time, we decided to branch out and let the public try them. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that we decided this is what we wanted to focus on. 

We all know our planet needs saving. The trick is, what are we going to do about it? We decided to make zero waste living more convenient. All of the products we make are in no bottle form or in glass jars. This eliminates the need for plastic bottles in our homes. We are a one stop shop for natural cleaning products, body care and pet care. We even offer a zero waste CSA home delivery program. 

No more clutter! With children in our homes, everything gets a bit crowded. Certain soaps for the babies, pets and adults. Special cleaners for everyone in the home...We said no more! We began to create products that are safe for everyone in your home. Our natural cleaning  and body products can be used for normal cleaning, baby supplies/toys and pet supplies. Our Bottle Less products and glass jar products are compact, easy to organize and just plain pretty!