Meet the Agri-Chicks

So Here It Is, Our Journey. Our Journey toward a Zero Waste Lifestyle and our commitment to sharing this important message with others!


Lacey and Lacey met in 2011 while operating a 90 acre vegetable farm. We worked side by side for years loving the jobs we fell into... Digging in the dirt, producing something good and healthy, Educating consumers about their health and the food that nourishes them. As the years rolled on, each of our children grew older, and more were added. The farming life became incredibly taxing. 

We had some erratic and catastrophic weather years that made farming too unpredictable for our families. We needed to find a Work at home mom job that we felt proud of and good about....Where were we going to find that? We took a long look at the life we were trying to create for our families and realized what we had learned in the agricultural world, and implemented in our own homes after years of experience, learning, ups and downs and round and rounds could benefit those around us and we landed with a grateful thud into our brand... Agri-Chicks! 

So here's the thing... It's easy to say the words Zero waste or Save the Planet or any other weighted messages that some of us strive to follow; but easier said than done! We are moms, wives, daughters, sisters, business owners etc. and we are realists! Life is not easy for any of us, we all have different circumstances that drive our every decision.

Our goal is to give options, share information! We are not in the business of judging people or insisting that our way is the only way. We want to be a part of a supportive community. We want to share what we have learned and learn what all of you have to share! 

"We don't need a few people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

 - Anne Marie Bonneau, A Zero Waste Chef

Now that you know us a bit let's get down to the "nitty gritty"! So Lacey and I both noticed over the years the incredible amount of waste in the agricultural industry and how difficult it was too reuse and recycle with the laws put in place for farms.

"You can't reuse quarts and pints that veggies are placed in at farmers markets"

"You aren't supposed to re-use paper boxes"

"Boxes that are waxed to protect from moisture can't be recycled" 

The List Goes On And On! Fighting the good fight under the intense financial pressure that is put on small farms as well as the brutal weather conditions made "going green" and zero waste a fruitless pursuit. We realized that activities we practiced in our own home, homemade soap, laundry detergent,  moisturizers for ourselves and children, treatments for our animals, home made bees wraps for use in our kitchen could be something worth sharing and possibly even substantial enough to make a thriving business out of. This was how our products were "born". 

We started recreating what we loved to use ourselves and then had the idea that we were going to look at every potentially wasteful product we used in our own homes and create beautiful, efficient, zero waste, all natural, healthy and enjoyable products to replace them. 

 We are constantly creating new products. We don't test on animals... just ourselves lol. We use only the best quality, all natural ingredients. We scent our products with therapeutic grade essential oils that have benefits of their own! We will not sell a product that we do not use on ourselves, family and pets. We will not sell a mediocre product ever! We hand make everything and take pride in all of it. 

Necessities that we can not create ourselves we scour the US for. Our ultimate goal is to replace wasteful things in our homes and it has honestly been a lot of fun albeit difficult! For example... I totally depended on paper towels. With teenage boys and animals I really didn't think it would be possible to give them up until...

Shout Out To:

Believe it or not, these Un= Paper towels have completely replaced by paper towel habit and have already for than paid for their cost! They are awesome for cleaning and are super absorbent and easy to care for! I will never go back and I feel great about it!!!

Super Functional + Easy + Cost Effective + Low Waste = Winning! Why Wouldn't you?

A Wild Card for Lacey & I both was replacing our razors. Um, we were skeptical to say the least, it not a little nervous. I mean when I first started shaving the cuts back then were traumatic enough with my trusty three blade. Now I was supposed to regress to a single blade in the name of low waste? That could be dangerous... So we jumped in legs first ;)

...and we survived! These safety razors have become another staple in our households. They more than pay for theirselves and there is a very tiny bit of waste. As for the shave... as close as it has ever been and after watching some YouTube videos we were hooked on our safety razors!!!

Shout Out To:


Close Shave + Saves Money + Cool Points + Low Waste = Winning! Why Not!?!

One of the most amazing products that we discovered was the Pixie Cup.  Periods beware... this piece of equipment is legit! Lacey and I weren't nervous to try this one but we were skeptical. All of these years dealing with disposable products that certainly weren't ideal... but thats what we were comfortable with. When the time came to proceed with the experiment we were both shocked! This product is life changing!!!

Shout Out To:

Quality + Safety + Functionality + Money Saving + Low Waste + FREEDOM

= A M A Z I N G!

So the above three products were our first steps in our journey toward a low waste lifestyle! Then we got really excited... is it possible that doing something that was good for the environment could also be convenient, great for our bodies and cost effective? Well, the answer was YES! We knew right then that the products we created needed to make our customers feel the exact same way. 

Below are some of our favorite creations! We are so proud of what we have made and the fact that we are helping others as well as the planet. This is the beginning of our journey and our greatest hope is that we can be a part of yours as well! 

Lotion Bars


Shampoo & Conditioner Bars


Bubble Bars


Wool Dryer Balls


Dryer Ball Spray 


Dish Soap Bar


Reusable Disinfectant Wipes


Our message is that Living Low Waste does not mean you have to compromise on quality and that you don't have to change your life drastically to live lower waste.  

Join us in our path to a lower waste life. We promise, we can make the change easy.