CSA Program - Local Produce Home Delivery

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a system that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of our group of partnered farms. Our CSA provides consumers with a valuable opportunity to obtain fresh, local produce from farmers who enjoy growing food for people in their communities. 

Our CSA program is a monthly home delivery service in the Baltimore and surrounding areas. You get to shop farmer's markets from the comfort of your home! We are open year-round!

How does it work? 

You choose the monthly subscription package that best fits your needs. You get one delivery a week for one month. Sign ups are always open!

Contact Us if you have questions! We typically respond within 24 hours 


Our partnered farms:

Agri-Chicks Homestead, MK Roots Farm, Lotz Farms


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